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Recent News

Subject: Breaking things
Date: 2018-03-22
Site went down for most of March 2018. Forgot to pay my host. Main page and news page were broken because I was still using ereg_replace instead of preg_replace. Oh how times change. All my old code uses old versions of libraries and programming languages (py 2.x, sdl, etc). If I get some serious time off of work maybe I'll get everything to compile and possibly be useful. Don't count on it! Forums and Wiki are updated and should be working.

Subject: Fixing things
Date: 2011-10-20
be warned: mini rant/blogging
I really dislike going back to fix things - weather it be a program or something else I am working on. The case that brings me to writing this is porting my other libraries and programs to libmem32. Today, among other things, I begun work on a fork of libobj to get it working with libmem32 and while it seems like most of the code is sound it is pretty ugly and doesn't adhere to the point of libmem32 - in fact, I added a function to libmem32 that parses an F3DEX2 display list looking for pointers. I then called this function after writing the display list to a buffer, instead of doing it the ideal way, which would be writing it using libmem32 functions and noting pointers as they come along. Due to the nature of the GBI macros, and how much code would have to be written, I did it the cheap way, as I also did in the [z64] collision generation function. Oh well. It all compiles cleanly with -Wall but I haven't gone and tested it yet... I bet there are tons of bugs in libmem32 ;_;

Subject: I cannot stand
Date: 2011-10-07
I mean really, isn't it easier to do getchar();? While on the topic of what not to do when writing C, un-tabbed C is the ultimate way to ensure a program will not be maintained or developed - you might as well not even release the source.

Aside from this rant, all is well. You may find my latest project, rsp-tools, interesting. It currently has a working disassembler based on the z64 RSP emulator, which I added labels to. I currently am working on an assembler which uses gperf. I also made a tiny library, libmem32, which I am planning on using in z64anim to make it possible to insert and remove bytes with ease. This most likely means making a fork in libbadRDP to make it work with libmem32 but I will get to that when the time comes.

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